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15 Successful Travel Agency Marketing Ideas And Tactics

15 Successful Travel Agency Marketing Ideas And Tactics-IdealTip
Written by Faisal Mazhar

Digital marketing has been an upcoming style for travel agency marketing ideas to market its online travel business. Hundreds of large travel agencies have taken different digital marketing strategies to advance their businesses. So how can small travel agencies fight with these large travel businesses which are widespread in the global market?

15 Effective and Successful Travel Agency Marketing Ideas:

For this let me suggest 15 innovative digital travel agency marketing ideas small travel agencies to efficiently market their online travel businesses. Just prefer some appropriate digital marketing ideas for your small travel business now!

1 Target Right Customers for Your Travel Agency:

It is very essential to create a niche for your travel agency. For example, some travel agencies choose to catch their customers on the basis of diversity in travel regions (European trip, desert trip, Peking trip, etc). While others offer different travel routes for their clients depending on different groups of people (the white-collars, students, the retired, etc). In order to improve your small travel agency, you need to recognize your target audiences so that you can make a larger customer base in the long run.

2 Optimize Your Responsive Travel Website:

A travel website with loaded digital contents and responsive web designs can connect anyone who visits your travel website at the first fleeting look. How can you optimize your travel website with a restricted budget? For this have a look at free brochure maker FlipHTML5? It can help you to form your digital travel brochures with page-flipping effect and rich media stuff. In the meanwhile, it also allows you to organize all your digital brochures in a delicate projection that can be set in your travel website. It is a great way to create your website and make it look simple and beautiful.

3 Online Advertising Campaign:

CPM (Pay for Thousand Impression) and CPC (Pay for Click) are two ways for you to add more to your brand awareness. Google AdWords is a trendy pay-per-click marketing online solution for travel marketers. When people look for your keywords on Google, your ads will become visible next to the result. In the meanwhile, you can also put in your Google AdWords advertisement in your digital travel brochure with the help of Flip HTML5. It is a successful way to bring more traffic to your travel website.

4 Expand Email Subscribers:

You can also fully utilize email newsletter to make a relationship with your subscribers. Just share them any associated information about the travel and your business on a regular basis. It is a wonderful way to keep hold of your existing email subscribers and increase would-be subscribers.

5 Cooperate with Other Related Businesses:

As a travel agency, you can collaborate with other related businesses such as the hotels, restaurants and the more, which is a further way to make your travel businesses reach more potential visitor. In the meantime, when you have a long-term collaboration with them, it will bring more discounts to your visitors and decrease your business costs as well.

6 Share Travel Experience on Numerous Mediums & Social Media:

People will search valuable information for themselves in different mediums, such as the Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn Group, Google+ community and the more. You can involve yourself in those mediums to share your travel experience, which will help you to make more potential customers in this way. Obviously, sharing the photos and feelings on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page is highly recommended as well.

7 Sponsor Events or Competitions:

Sponsoring events or competitions is one more way to brand your travel business and represent your business to the public. It is a hidden way to set up branding awareness among the event participants and twist them from potential travellers into real sales.

8 Offer Group Discounts:

It will reach a wonderful result when you propose group discounts for your travellers. On the one hand, they can go on their trip on the discount. On the other hand, you can make more profits by drawing more travellers to book your online travel services.

9 Free and Optional Consultations Online and Offline:

You can offer a free and optional consultation to the potential travellers. Just help them to decide the most appropriate travel route! However, you are the one to tell your potential travellers how to book your travel services online on their own if they supposed to.

10 Start Blogging:

Content marketing is one of the most valuable ways to market your online travel businesses. You can begin to write your own business blogs, which is on the whole suitable for small travel agencies due to its low cost. In addition, the contents you write on your blog will be never out-of-date.

11 Build Your Website:

If you are trying to build or launch a successful business, you just need to create your travel agency business website. This is a very effective travel agency marketing ideas. Social media and websites these two platforms are very important to grow your business because most users in the whole world are using online services that why your website must be built in detail, products, services, and all the data put into your website. If any user comes to your website they know what they are searching for your website and find that data that they you need to a website with a great reflection of you. A branded website. What your presentative client does.

  • 97% client check out your website before meeting with you
  • 96% admit the website highly affects whether or not they choose your service
  • 100 % admit I have left a website because it was poorly designed or difficult to use.

Clearly a website has an important impact on your business. When your clients search for you online you need to be there but, you cannot just be there in a bland, unprofessional way. You need to look the part.

12 Start a referral program:

Marketing by word of mouth is highly effective, requires the least amount of effort, and is low-cost! Boost your sales by requesting your clients to refer a friend to your travel business or to just keep you in mind when someone talks about travel. Propose a discount to your clients on their next vacation or a gift card when they pass on new clients that book a vacation!

13 Advertise locally:

From bulletin ads to newspapers to pizza boxes, there are advertising chances everywhere. Placing your business name, logo, and contact information out publicly lets others know that your services are offered and can improve your public relations image.

14 Quizzes:

Quizzes are a wonderful tool to use to capture clients, both on your website and on social media. People love inquiring— especially about travel!

15 Making review easy:

Before travelling, most people are search online to check out fresh reviews on hotels, planes, and trips. That means they’re also going to search online to check out reviews on you. This is why it’s vital to make it easy for customers to put down reviews. Encourage them to put down an honest review of your services.

To sum up, today you have numerous options to market your small travel agencies online or locally. It will be impractical for you to apply all those 15 marketing ideas mentioned above in your own business. So just prefer 2 or 3 marketing ideas to enhance your travel agency businesses now!

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